The Scientific Reason of Charan Sparsha

The traditions and conventions found in various countries and the religions of the world hold their own importance. Such traditions reflect the originality of a particular culture or mankind. Indian civilisation and Indian culture are the most ancient in the world. Indian culture has impressed other civilisations and cultural groups in the world. The traditions and conventions established in Indian culture are founded on the strong base of scientific facts and in its core there are many cultural mysteries. Great ascetics (Rishis) of the ancient times founded these traditions. Those Rishis have noted their attainments, research and observations in their sacred scriptures. In later time, those truths, facts and findings have become an integral part of religion and religious rituals. Perhaps, very few of us know about those hidden secrets garbed under the cloak of tradition or convention. 

In Aryan culture there is a well-set tradition of touching the feet of our father, mother, guru, teacher, elders and honourable seniors. That is the way of saluting them. It is part of our conventional etiquette. But the new generation of this modern age hardly prefers it. They don’t like it. Now a days we don’t find people doing Namskar – Pranam Vandan (kind of salute), when they meet. “Hi” or “Hello” is the modern way. We have discarded ancient conventions and ancient traditions considering them to be ancient culture. These days we are drifting away from our value oriented traditions and being swept away in the waves and currents of modern civilisation. Modern life – modern civilisation means to trail behind the western culture. Our life and philosophy are ruthlessly invaded by the ill impact of the western culture. We are copying their concepts without any logic. At times such acts and behaviour neither have any meaning nor any benefit. 

Let us come to the main point. Since thousands of years there exists the tradition of saluting. We salute in due respect by the touching of feet of our elders, our seniors. This tradition is still visible in many families. We should try to grasp the secret behind touching their feet. Our Rishis have observed four beneficial factors present in such an act. An act of touching the feet of our elders gives strength, intellect, knowledge and fame. There is scientific reason to back and support this conclusion. 

According to modern science, a human body contains negative and positive currents of electricity. The left side of the human body carries negative current and the right side of the body has positive current. Have you observed any patient of paralysis? Right from his toe to the scalp, the body divides it self into two vertical halves and one half with his organs becomes a prey to such disease. One half of the body is invalid and the other half is active and conscious. One eye, one hand, one leg, one foot become inert; dead like with no movement, no sense, no feeling. Absolutely useless and totally immobile. This proves that each half has distinct currents – either negative or positive. Two halves together complete a circuit built of positive and negative. 

At the time of bowing to our Guru, teacher, seniors and elders, we stand in front of them, facing them. The vertical body parts in that case are in the opposite direction. The left side of the Guru shall be in front of the right side of the disciple. In other words negative in front of positive. Keeping in view of this fact, our Rishis in ancient times have suggested the salute of touching feet by crossing the hands, i.e. right hand touches right foot and left hand touches left foot of our elders. Thus the positive current in both flows in an uniformed circuit and in simulate way negative flows jointly in a circuit. Thus both the currents form a well-unified circuit. 

The elders to whom we salute shall be a Guru, teacher, scholar, father, mother, sister or an elderly person and shall be much advanced in knowledge, fame, life or strength. He may be a better one in all these areas or he may be better in two of them. One who bows to him shall be desirous of inculcating those qualities. When the feet are touched in a humble salute, that touch shall be like an act of switching on a light. Current flows in the circuit when a switch is on. The current flows to the person who salutes – one who touches the feet. In accordance to the scriptures, our seniors and elders place their right hand on our head and bless us when we touch their feet. This blessed touch creates a complete circuit joining both the persons and current flows in a complete circle. This results in development and growth of virtues and other such attributes in the person who has saluted. A kindled straw kindles another one. A kindled light kindles another lamp. In such light and illumination, a straw or a lamp never looses its brightens or kindled power, but at the same time illuminates and lights other straws or lights. There is no loss to anybody. 

Our culture maintains this tradition of touching feet in a humble salute. It is an ancient tradition. The spirit nurtured in this tradition has strengthened our cultures and nation despite invasions, obstacles and calamities. The contents of the Vedas and the Smritis (scriptures) are the eternal truths. We should put it in to practice. Our culture teaches us to respect Earth particles, soil and particles of a cows feet and ashes of a sacred fire by placing it honourably on our forehead.