Learn to Save Life

Long ago a businessman named Lakshmichand lived in a town. He was a big businessman and he owned factories, show rooms and business centres. The branches of his business were operating in all the big cities of India and he lived in a splendid house with many rooms, large corridors, splendid balconies, a heaven like garden, swimming pool and all the available luxuries of a noble living. 

He had a happy and small family with only a wife and a son. They lived happily and comfortably. There was a large team of servants to take care of the house, house keeping and homely requirements. Sheth Lakshmidas himself was a noble gentleman. God fearing and kind hearted. He donated liberally to help the needy. People respected him and his family. He was sustainer of many families as his business and factories created good employment for the local people. 

But time changes the course of events. All days are not happy days. Nobody knows what is to happen from one moment to the next. In the case of Lakshmichand time changed its trend and the breeze of happiness and pleasure turned into a storm. A fire broke out in his house and its flames spread to all the rooms covering doors, windows, balconies and corridors. 

Lakshmichand tried his best to save his assets, savings and the things of comfort. One after another he took out and saved safely all his costly furniture, jewellery boxes, treasury box, lockers, etc. His neighbours assisted him in saving his property and assets. They tried to extinguish the fire. However, efforts were on to put off the fire. 

Lakshmichand stood helplessly and looked at the flames. He looked at the things – belongings – saved by him and his neighbours. Some from the neighbours consoled him heartily and inquired if anything was missed. Sheth looked again at the items scattered around him and said, “Almost all the valuable items have been recovered. I don’t see anything missing. Thank you for helping me.” Meanwhile, the fire became more destructive and its tall flames covered the roof due to the stormy winds. A concerned neighbour asked inquisitively, “What about your son? Where is he?” Everyone looked at each other in worry and tension. Nobody knew the whereabouts of the child. The child was not there. He had not been seen by anybody. 

Lakshmichand tried to recall his memory and realized that though he was particular in regard to his valuables he had not bothered for his own child. He had not thought about him. It means that the child was not attended by anybody – even by his father. He then remembered that his son was alone in his room when the fire broke out. 

Now that room and the area around it were burnt to ashes. Lakshmichand looked helplessly at his savings and said in sobs, “I ran after these things and saved them at the risk of my life. But I forgot the major one – my son – one who was to use these things. I forgot him. I lost him. 

Dear readers, the fire is on. The world is burning by its deadly flames. There is a fire of dissatisfaction, a fire of desires, a fire of passions. The worldly souls are trying at their best to save their belongings from such a destructive fire. They try to save some wishes, some aspirations, some desires, some comforts and some dignity. They work hard to save it. Their efforts are on to save these. 

But they forget to save their soul. They forget the one who consumes services, objects and pleasures. Whatever is saved is of no use if the soul is not saved. Save our soul in the world. Devotion – Satsang – is the sure way to save the soul. Do devotion of Lord Swaminarayan and ensure the well being of your soul. Our saints in past have said that one should improve his benediction at the cost of millions and billions.