A Matchless Friendship

A leaf and clod were good friends. The leaf resided on a tree and the clod lived beneath the tree. 

Meanwhile the season changed and the leaf fell down due to the autumn wind. It landed right near the clod and cried under the shock of a sudden fall. It lamented on it’s loneliness, “Oh God, I am all alone, what will happen now? Oh God please save me!” The clod looked at the leaf and said, “My best friend why should you cry? I am here to accompany you.” But as he said so a strong wind began to blow. The leaf was trembling in fear. It cried again and said, “Oh God this storm will throw me away breaking my ribs and limbs, who will save me?” 

But the clod consoled him with great love, “Friend don’t be afraid of the storm, I will hold you here. This wind can not take you away from me.” Saying so the clod kept the leaf under its hold by sitting on the leaf. The stormy wind went away to give way to peace and tranquillity. The leaf was saved. It said to the clod, “Thank you brother clod.” 

As time passed the friendship grew stronger between them. The seasons are in a rotating cycle. As time passed there was a change in the season. The summer ended to give way to the rainy season. Thundering clouds and sparkling lightning filled the sky. The clod said to the leaf, while worrying about the onslaught of thundering rain, “Brother leaf, now bid me a heart departure.” “Why, why all of a sudden?” asked the leaf. “Brother, look it is likely to rain and I will rain heavily. The rain drops will melt me in to liquid and the stream will swallow me, the rain will end my life existence” said the clod with tearful eyes. 

“I am here, I will save you. I will protect your existence.” With these words he covered the body of the clod and saved him from the rain. The heavy rain passed away in quickly. The uncovered land was washed away but the clod existed due to the protective cover of the leaf. Both of the friends were small and weak but they saved each other’s life through mutual help. 

Dear devotees, a friend in need is a friend in deed! One who stood by your side in adverse times is your truest friend. The word ‘friendship’ is a broad term reflecting the subtlest relationship between souls. It is sublime and majestic and is distinct oneness between the souls. It is sacred and pure. Such unique oneness should exist this year in our heart in regard to our Acharya Maharajshri, saints and Sampradaya. Resolve firmly and finally to dedicate yourself solely at the lotus feet of Lord NarNarayan Dev and HH Acharya Maharajshri. Participate whole heartily in the events of the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations. May Shri Hari bless us with unshaken devotion at the lotus feet of Shri Sahajanand Swami.