An Ideal child

Rises early in the morning, worships in his mind with folded hands to Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan and Acharya Maharajshri by secretly chanting five times the guru mantra initiated to him. 

After morning bath, wears clean and fresh clothes, pastes Tilaka – Chandala on his forehead and presents pooja seva to God with the meditational concentration and performs japa with rosary beads. 

Is not shy of putting Tilak-chandalo prominently on his forehead. He takes it a as symbol of his devotion and of his dependence on God. 

Daily salutes his parents most reverently. Serves them most obediently. Never speaks loudly in their presence. 

Practises physical exercises, yoga and pranayama daily for twenty minutes. 

Works hard and most attentively in learning and study. Studies for at least four hours every day. Acts sincerely to maintain self-development. 

Is self-dependant in his personal tasks. Never shys of domestic and household chores. 

Never consumes food from roadside vendors or joints. Is not lazy in providing service to others. 

Is sincere and honest in his studies and examinations. Never speaks a lie. 

Teaches and supports his friends to behave decently with due decorum like himself.