HH Acharya Maharaj 1008 Shri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj - His Life Itself is a Gospel

HH Acharaya Maharaj 1008 Shri Tejendraprasadji Maharaj has implemented the lifetime message of Bhagwan Swaminarayan in his preceptorship of thirty-five years. “Life itself is a message; Life itself is Gospel, in the preceptorship of HH Tejendraprasadji.” Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan was approachable for everybody by his continuous religious tours of both Deshas. In a similar way, HH Acharaya Maharajshri has become easily accessible for everybody through his religious tours and amnesty walks in India and abroad. He broke the wall of the middleman and had a direct dialogue with all His satsangis. He is easily available on the phone. He graces the dwellings of his smallest satsangis. His consent for a house warming ceremony is available even to a poorest devotee! His blissful pleasure and hearty blessings are available to all His satsangis. Even today, there are many satsangis, who recall happily the past days when HH Acharaya Maharajshri graced their house or establishment happily. They have not forgotten those golden moments of the long past. In their dream state they do dharshan of HH Acharaya Maharajshri. This is his greatness that he is friendly with even the smallest ones. He has never displeased any devotee by rejecting his invitation. He is judicious to all his satsangi followers. He is not partial to a praise or criticism. A haribhakta had printed a large set of papers criticizing HH Acharaya Maharajshri and hurled bad words in public. That very man repented for his nasty acts when he fell pitiably from his social status and family. In those days of mental agonies, he rushed back to HH Acharaya Maharajshri and prayed for a pardon and humbly requested to grace his dwellings. HH Acharaya Maharajshri blessed him spontaneously and graced his dwelling. Though the haribhakta had acted for many years like Jiva Kachar, he improved his birth and life by earning the favour of Maharajshri in the latter years of his life. Like God, HH Acharaya Maharajshri has no enemy. 

He graces Kalupur temple early in the morning. Parayan katha is a daily routine; His Holiness attended katha satsang most religiously without missing a session in a span of thirty-five years. Therafter His Holiness graced the chamber of Acharaya until noon. Devotees from far-flung places never missed his darshan caused by an early departure of HH Acharaya Maharajshri. His Holiness takes great care in keeping appointed times when touring in non-urban villages. His Holiness is not late in any of his appointments and visits throughout this long period of thirty-five years. There are many incidents where organisers and hosts were late in their own programmes! 

Though a householder, HH Acharaya Maharajshri has not postponed, cancelled or omitted any event or religious festival on a personal ground of family or relatives, because for Him the satsang stood before everything. 

Overseas tours are most troublesome for HH Acharaya Maharajshri. Difference in local time, distance between destinations and long hours of journey are a few of those troubling factors. But His Holiness never takes a note of those odds, never bothers for rest or meals and assigns top priority to satsang. There are many occasions when He passes the day with a single meal and takes night rest in a vehicle. His Holiness bore these troubles on Himself and spread satsang in India and abroad – from continent to continent. He had not ignored any individual throughout His preceptorship. His Holiness is constantly active for the development of the satsang and benediction of his satsangis. His Holiness is an ideal form of selfless service. 

HH Acharya 1008 Shri Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj secures similar attainments by his active participation in satsang. Dharmakul in the past has never had any occasion with such a Lalji Maharaj when He was on the seat of Lalji Maharaj. After His school education, He has constantly engaged in the religious activates of this diocese. He has awakened the new generation of youths in far-flung continents and countries like Australia, America, Africa, UK, New Zealand, Thailand, Gulf regions and Mauritius. Hundreds of new temples have come up in those counties due to the satsang activities personally conducted by HH Maharajshri. He had established local branches of Shri NarNarayandev Yuval Mandal in every village, town and city of NarNarayandev Desh – India, with a central office at Ahmedabad temple. He has organized Youth Satsang camps in India and abroad for enlightenment of satsangi youths. 

There are one hundred thousand members of Shri NarNarayan Yuvak Mandal spread in India and abroad. The devotees in the non-urban areas used to forgo favour of fellow Satsangis on the pretext of worldly wisdom. Our teams of S.N.N.D.Y.M have mended it properly. They have removed the photos of vimukhas from the thrones at the temples. They have stopped the meetings being addressed by the vimukhas. They have strengthened the ancient tradition of respecting elders and seniors. They have restored and strengthened the faith and trust of devotees in meditation and worship on Lord NarNarayandev and Lord Harikrishna Maharaj. A huge army of volunteers are ready for the service of the sampradaya. These youthful volunteers are conducting satsang activities, sabhas, kirtans, bhakti, religious walks, vrattas, festivals and religious celebrations. HH Acharaya Maharaj 1008 Shri Koshalendraprasadji Maharajshri had joined the lakhs of youths in the service of satsang. 

The life of HH Acharaya Shri Koshalendraprasadji Maharajshri is holy and religious. His is not exhibiting it externally, but at his inner most, He is like God. He is out and out in favour of satsang and Shri Hari. He is engrossed in the mental chant of maha mantra while gracing an assembly or at times, sings silently the praises of God. He is at peace and well concentrated in meditation during pooja of personal God. At His residence He spends time in japa of maha mantra when he is alone or sings at times the kirtans of Nand Santo. He has vision and foresight in the plans of temple buildings. He is a good decision maker. He has an unbelievable power of judging a man within no time when He converses with him. These virtues and attributes are self-realised. The Dharmvanshi Acharaya sent by Shri Hari himself to grace the supreme seat of the diocese – the supreme seat created and installed by God himself – is another form of Lord Swaminarayan Bhagwan. No proofs or evidence are needed to substantiate it. I humbly salute to the sixth and seventh Acharaya Maharajshri of Shri NarNarayandev Desh diocese! 

- Swami Purushottamprakashdasji