God the Supreme Saviour?

Manavadar is a small town in the warrior’s land of Saurashta. It is the birthplace of many released souls and great devotees such as SadGuru Manjukeshanand Swami. In Bhakta Chintamni S.G. Nishkulanand Swami has referred to him as “spiritually wise” and a great released soul. 

Once S.G. Swayamprakashanand Swami graced the small town of Manavadar to deliver Katha-Kirtan Satsang and upon his return to Gadhada, a small child named Lalji joined his group of saints. Lord Shri Hari was pleased with Lalji and gave him diksha with the name Manjukeshanand. Manjukeshanand Swami has written many devotional songs describing the blissful Leela of Shri Hari. 

Shri Hari at Ahmedabad once graced Shri Narayan Ghat to have a plunge in the river Sabarmati. A sizable retinue of saints and devotees escorted him to the riverside and stood readily at the bank to have a holy plunge in Sabarmati. The saints and devotees awaited Shri Hari’s direction but then a youthful saint jumped suddenly in the river with a big splash of water and profusely soaked Shri Hari and the others with the splashing water. This new saint was Manjukeshanand. Shri Hari was very angry at this show of indiscipline and rudeness and asked him, “Whose disciple are you? In whose group are you? Do you know about the discipline and the decorum to be maintained by a saint? This is not an act fit for a Sadhu. Should you not maintain the decorum of senior saints and great devotees?” 

Manjukeshanand Swami was very remorseful due to Shri Hari’s anger. He cried in his heart with pain, but Maharaj scolded him, “Don’t come to me if you wish to act in this manner. It is better that you don’t talk to me.” Then S.G.Brahmanand Swami urged, “Oh God, He is a sensitive poet. He forgot his limits in the swing of devotional love.” Shri Hari found the plea more irrelevant, “Swami, if the ways of love do not match the ways of decorum and manners then such love cannot be acceptable. Masses look at the decorum but not at the love. Therefore one should not act like this.” All were shocked by the observation passed by Shri Hari. Manjukeshanand Swami then began in his grieving voice a devotional song to pray for a pardon, 

“You are my soul and life. You are the supreme of my family and you are the sustainer and support of my world. You are my soul and life. You are the sustainer of the universe and the hope of mankind. You are free and away from dirt, tricks and conspiracy. Manjukeshanand is your humble slave Oh omniscient God!” 

As the song ended, there were tears in swami’s eyes and there were tears in Shri Hari’s eyes. Maharaj hugged him lovingly and blessed his devotion. 

By Sadhu Vandanprakashdas