Mahadiksha To Nilkanthvarni

In the morning of Ekadashi, gods were installed and mahapuja done.108 offerings of Ghee were made and Shri Hari were given a white cloth and a dhoti and a double beaded Tulsi mala to wear, a tilak, chandlo were done on their forehead and a Krishna Ashtakshar mantra was given into their ears. Ramananda Swami also explained precisely the meaning and the fruits of that mantra to Nilkanth. They said to Nilkanth, “ Till you have the consciousness of the body, you should not give up your religion, carry on your duties, and do the puja regularly. You should drink the water and food offered to god. Also you should never pass your time without devotion to god.”

In this way Ramanand swami delivered their words to Nilkanth Varni and changed their name. They gave Nilkanth two names; Sahajanand Swami and Narayan muni. Both the names have a big importance. Sahajanand means, one who has natural joy in oneself and also that him being lord Narayan himself, so deserved the name of Narayan muni as well. After the ceremony, Nilkanth did the pradakshina of Ramanand swami, did their puja and Sastang dandwat Pranam. After the ceremony was over, Ramanand Swami told Nilkanth to ask anything they wanted from them.

Nilkanth in return replied them to give them the boon of Paramatma accepting their offerings, talking directly to them and responding in every manner of a human being in the same way as they responded to Ramanand swami. Ramanand swami gave them their blessings. That day was the day of Prabodhini Ekadashi and everyone did not sleep during that night. Next day, the Brahmins were offered sweets and food. All the saints were given the dakshina, food and clothes. After this, Paramatma used to relate to Varniraj in the same way as to Ramanand Swami and used to give them darshan in the form of Narnarayan, Laxminarayan, radhakrishna etc. dual forms. Shri Hari also used to do the seva of their guru Ramanand swami in the same way as to God.