Hanumanji's Darshan of Nilkantvarni

After being pushed into the river Saryu by Kaushidatta, Nilkanthvarni swam down the river came out on the opposite side some twenty four miles away. He walked for three days through the wild forest, barefooted and without food and water. Nilkanthvarni wondered timelessly and soon fainted from exhaustion. After opening His eyes he saw a river shimmering with the reflection of the setting sun. He bathed in the fresh, clean water, prayed and then sat down to rest. Night soon fell and Nilkanthvarni went into Samadhi. At this time Hanumanji came in child form to have darshan of Nilkanthvarni. Meanwhile, a demon called Bhayrav and his fellow demons were roaming the forest in search of food. They spotted a helpless child from a distance and thought that He would be easy prey to satisfy their hunger. As Nilkanthvarni was still in a trance, Hanumanji saw Bhayrav and his compatriots, stealthily approaching Nilkanthvarni with their mouths watering at the prospect of a good feed. Realising their intentions, Hanumanji caught them and beat them with his mighty mace and tail. The demons retreated, squealing in pain and Hanumanji went back to sit near Nilkanthvarni. 

Morning came and Nilkanthvarni came out of his trance. He saw Hanumanji and knowing the events of the previous night, he thanked him for his assistance. Whilst Nilkanthvarni carried out his morning routine and prayers, Hanumanji gathered fruit and berries from the forest for Nilkanthvarni. Nilkanthvarni ate this offering with great satisfaction. Hanumanji requested Nilkanthvarni to call upon him at any time of need so he could have an opportunity to serve Him and seek His divine blessings