Ramanand Swami Writes Letter To Muktanand and Nilkanthvarni

Ramanand Swami read both the letters given to them by Mayaram Bhatt in the assembly. Their eyes were filled with tears. After praising the lord to every one present in the assembly they then started writing the reply to both Muktanand and Varni.

“ O great saints including Muktanand residing in Loj gam and doing the seva of all the pilgrims, may your brahmacharya be preserved for ever. Accept the blessings of Ramanand Swami from Bhuj town. By the divine grace of lord, we are all well over here. We have received both the letters sent by the hands of Mayaram Bhatt.

We also have heard of Varniraj. He is not a common person. It is because of the divine grace of Paramatma that they have come to you. You all serve him; also learn all the positions of ashtangyog from them. It will be very helpful in your path towards god. Win the enemies of mind. Eat less and sleep less. By the end of Vaishak month, I will come to Piplana, make sure that by the time I come round there, don’t let this balbrahmachari go away anywhere.” They wrote this letter to Muktanand swami. After that they started writing the letter to Nilkanth Varni:” O Nilkanth Varni! You are the chief of all the enlightened. Many doubt you to be badripati Narayan.

May your desires be fulfilled; we have received your letter. Read all the details, no common being can do the penance as you. You have the greatest qualities of a scholar and a renounce. This is all because of your past. We will come to meet you in Piplana village at the end of Vaishak month. At the moment it is not right for you to come to see us in Kutchh. If you believe in us, then do stay where you are at the moment.

Teach all the sadhus down there the Ashtangyog. Varniraj, even we are eager to meet you. I always ask lord Narayan to be in company of devotees like you. Being in the company of saints in Loj gam do not practise severe austerities, the human body is not received every time as an instrument for moksha.” In this way having written a letter to Nilkanth Varni,gave both the letters to Mayaram Bhatt. Bhatt came back to Lojgam in seven days. Gave the letters to Muktanand Swami, who read them to Varniraj. Lord then started teaching the ashtangyog to all the saints in Loj. By the grace of god, all of them received siddhis in a very short time.