Ramanand Swami Leaves For Akshardham

On the day of Mokshada Ekadashi, Ramanand swami had a big celebration in faleni village and on the 12th day, then fed many Brahmins and saints and on the 13th day they took a bath in bhadra river, came back to temple, sat in padmasan and in a few minutes went into Samadhi and left their body for Akshardham. They were thus relieved from the curse of Durvasa and attained divine body. It was the 13th day of Magshar Sud, V.S. 1858.

On this day even the most renounced saints without any attachments like muktananda etc. cried. God tried to calm everyone down and after that applied sandal oil to the body of Ramananda Swami and did puja with flowers and colourings and put the body on a wooden plank. They then took the body at the banks of Bhadra River. A pyre was made from the wood of sandal, Tulsi and pipal tree. The ceremony of agnisanskar was then performed.

After the ceremony was over Shri Hari with other saints took a bath twice in the Bhadra River. Everyone did fasting on that day. Next day Narayan muni got letters prepared for devotees of every village. All the devotees who learnt of Ramanand swami left their day-to-day work and came to faleni village.

Paramatma solaced everyone and gave them place to stay at faleni. For 13 days discourses on Gita and other holy scriptures related to the death ceremony rituals were delivered. For 12 days the Brahmins were offered food, on the 13th day all the Brahmins were fed and enough alms were given to them and all the devotees were also fed. On the 13th day, puja of the Brahmin who read the Gita was performed.