Safala Ekadashi

Safala Ekadashi takes place on Maghshar Vad 11. In Brahmand Puran, Shree Krishna says to Yudhistir, “By following the vratt of Ekadashi, I become easily pleased compared to someone spending thousands of money on performing yagnas and other festivals”. 

The main deity for Safala Ekadashi is Shree Narayan and poojan of Shree Narayan on this day yields great benediction. That devotee becomes the dearest of all to the Almighty God. 

The greatness of Safala Ekadashi is encapsulated by the tale of King Maahismat, the ruler of a city named Champavati. He had an elder son called Lumpak. Though the King been very religious, Prince Lumpak was a great sinner and carried out malicious and cruel acts to the subjects of the city. Due to this behaviour the King disowned him and exiled him from his kingdom. The prince left the kingdom and lived in a nearby forest. But he still continued his vicious harassments by stealing and killing many people. 

After many months, the month of Maghshar arrived and it was the eleventh day. In this month, the weather changes and it becomes very cold. Trembling with cold, the prince sat down under a banyan tree. The prince had nothing to cover over his body and became very sick and nearly fell unconscious. During the day, he collected some fruits from nearby trees but could not eat them due to the horrifying sickness. At night he could not sleep and quietly sat down under the tree. With no one to look after him, he waited for the night to pass, looking forward for the morning to arrive. He unknowingly fasted and kept awake in the night (jagran) on this day. 

On the next early morning, a divine stallion arrived at the banyan tree and a heavenly voice called for the prince and said, “O Prince, due to the vratt which you have followed on Safala Ekadashi, Lord Narayan is pleased and has showered His blessings on you. Go to your father, the King of Champavati, and he will grant you his Kingdom”. 

Riding on the stallion, the prince instantly regained his health and princely looks. His mind transformed from evil to good; his thinking and acts became divine; he became the choicest devotee of God. Upon arrival at the palace, the King saw a vivid change in Prince Lumpak and learnt of him becoming a devotee of God. The pleased King enthroned the prince with his Kingdom. King Lumpak from that day onwards followed every Ekadashi with full faith an honour. 

If one follows the vratt, fasts and stays awake the night (jagran) on Safala Ekadashi, one becomes very close and dearest to God. God delivers, answers the prayers and grants all the wishes of the devotee. Even performing the vratt of Ekadashi unknowingly bestows great benediction in this life and the next.