Putrada Ekadashi

Putrada Ekadashi, also known as Sunanda Ekdashi, arrives on the eleventh day of the month Posh. The meaning of the Putrada, as the name implies – “Putra” means child and “da” means giver. Observance of this Ekadashi fulfils the wishes of devotees. 

In Bhavishyotar Puran, Shree Krishna declares to Yudhistir that the fruits of observing vratt on this day imparts knowledge, wealth and prestige in society. King Suketuman ruled the city of Bhadravati. He had a wife called Shailya. The King and Queen did not have a child of their own and both were very depressed and miserable because of this. They tried many ways of achieving an off-spring but all was in vain. Without a child, their heart and palace felt empty and soundless. They were in constant thoughts and ways of having a child. This was a heartbreaking tragedy for them, which continued for many long years and went to the extreme that on a few occasions the King even thought of committing suicide. 

One year, on the eleventh day of the month of Posh, the King, without letting anyone know, rode off on his horse to go to the forest. He spent the whole morning wandering amidst the heavy jungle and wild animals. The time taking its lead, clocked afternoon and he felt thirsty and very hungry. In his search for food and water, he saw a small lake in the distance. On the banks of the lake, he noticed an ashram residence of great Rishis. On arrival, the King did dandvat pranam and saluted to the Rishis. On greeting, the King asked, O Rishis, “Why have you all assembled here in this dense jungle?” The Rishis replied, O King, “We have come here for a holy dip in this lake. Today is Putrada Ekadashi. One who keeps vratt on this day with full faith and admiration to God Almighty achieves the fulfilment of any wishes one might have”. On listening very carefully to the discourses of the Rishis, the King felt very relieved and at ease. He had got all the answers to his problems. 

The King stayed the night with the Rishis and performed the vratt of Putrada Ekadashi by fasting and performing constant devotion. He focused all his senses and thoughts to the devotion of God Almighty. The Rishis blessed him by saying, O King, “By performing vratt like you did, the God Almighty will pardon you with a child and fulfil all your desires”. 

The King arrived back to the palace the next morning. As time went on and by the grace of God, a beautiful son was born to the King and Queen. The King was very happy and the palace was rejoicing with the arrival of an heir. 

The Lord says to Yudhistir, “One who performs vratt, reads and listens to the above episode will achieve, and be gifted with equal rewards as performing millions of yagna. Performing vratt on Ekadashi gives both spiritual rewards and resolves various social issues of devotees.