Utpati (Abhya) Ekadashi

“Utpati” means create, emerge or appear. Everything has been created by the Supreme Almighty. And there are reasons explained in the scriptures for the various creations of things in this universe. Even God needs a reason for Him to appear on earth, let alone anything else.

Here, we will discuss what and who Ekadashi is? Where did Ekadashi come from? What is the need of Ekadashi? What greatness does Ekadashi possess? 

The day of Kartik Vad 11 is the appearance (Utpati) day of Ekadashi. Supreme Almighty Bhagwan Swaminarayan has explained in Vachanamrit the details of the incarnation of Ekadashi. 

Once Arjun asked Shree Krishna, O Prabhu! “Please pardon me with the knowledge of Ekadashi – its incarnation and majesty” Shree Krishna answered, “Arjun! I hereby tell you the reason of Ekadashi and how she appeared. Once in the age of Satyug, the demon named Mur Daanav, the son of demon Naadijang won over the Kingdom of Swarag (Dev Loka) from the devtas. He started ruling and harassing the devtas from their abodes. The devtas went for help and protection from God. 

The demon Mur was so powerful and had a huge army to defend him and the kingdom. God approached him and asked the demon to surrender and return the kingdom of Swarag to their owners, the devtas. Upon refusal and paying no attention to the request, a battle between Mur Danaav and God began. The battle lasted for months and many more years. Once in the battle, Bhagwan went for a rest in the cave named Sinhvati in Badrikashram and the demon followed Him. Whilst God was resting, Mur Daanav was about to strike, and O behold! From the divine senses of God, appeared a beautiful woman with all sorts of divine artilleries in her hands. 

Looking at her, Mur Daanav got entangled to her sensational beauty, lost his own senses and asked her to marry him. The woman said, “Oh no! It is not easy to have me in marriage. I have a condition that whoever wins me in a battle will marry me.” Blinded in the beauty of the woman, another battle started between them. Mur Daanav did not realise that one of the two has to die in order for the other to win. Ultimately, Mur Daanav was killed in the war. 

Bhagwan rose from His rest and saw the demon dead. Looking further He saw this divine beautiful lady standing beside the dead body. Bhagwan asked, “Who are you?” And she replied, “I am Ekadashi. I have incarnated from your divine luminosity and senses and I am responsible for killing this demon”. Upon hearing this Bhagwan said, “I am very pleased on you. Ask for a boon and I shall give it to you”. Ekadashi humbly said, O Prabhu! If you are pleased then pardon me with three boons:- 

  1. That I always be the chosen one and lovable to you
  2. That I be the highest of all the horoscopic dates (Tithi’s); That I be the destroyer of all sins; That I grant the strength to people to live more in their life.
  3. That I can grant good health, wealth and any wishes to those who complete a fast and follow the vrat Ekadashi with the three boons. 

By hearing this, Bhagwan was exceptionally pleased and blessed Ekadashi with the three boons.Utpati Ekadashi is the first in the sequence of the twenty four Ekadashi’s in the year. Following the laid rules of performing this vrat will attain great happiness in this world and the next. The above is not a myth but facts in the scriptures. Many devotees have experienced great happiness in this world by following the vrat of Ekadashi.