Jivan Bhakta's Rotlo

Bhagwan Swaminarayan is the Supreme Entity of them all and part of His Supremacy is His compassion for all devotees. Jivan Bhakta was one of many devotees whose wishes were fulfilled by Sahajanand Swami. 

Jivan Bhakta was a very poor devotee of Shiji Maharaj and news reached him that Maharaj was staying in a nearby village he decided that he must go for darshan. He had his wife make a millet Chapatti as this was all that he could afford. 

After making the journey to the nearby village on foot, Jivan Bhakta found the place where Maharaj was resident. However there was a queue of devotees in front of him, all with sumtuous meals, which they were planning to serve to Maharaj. Shree Sahajand Swami was taking a small item of food from each plate and returning the plate to the devotees as prasad. 

Jivan bhakta was disheartened at this sight. He felt out of place in the queue as other devotees were giving lavish meals, whilst he was at the back of the queue and felt that Maharaj would not be accept his humble offering. He was about to turn around and leave, when Maharaj called out his name and rushed towards him. 

Sahajanand Swami, the God of all Gods and Master of all snatched the rotlo from Jivan Bhakta's hand and began eating it. He commented on it being delicious and the best meal He had received. All the other devotees gasped in amazement as this very poor devotee had earned the divine pleasure of Lord Shri Hari. The delight of Jivan Bhakta knew no bounds.