HH Acharya Maharajshri

Saints and devotees have experienced divine miracles as and when HH Acharya Maharajshri had installed an idol of God, performed a Patotsav Abhishek, graced a Parayan Satsang or graced a place for Padhramni. Devotees and aspirants receive peace of mind and eternal bliss in the presence of HH Acharya Maharajshri. As and when they do His dharshan, the images of another form of God dwells forever in their heart to help the soul in its spiritual journey. His devotees and aspirants feel fulfilled when they submit humbly at His lotus feet. But there are occasions when an unknown person comes for the first time and becomes an admirer of him for the rest of his life. I am narrating here one such unique episode. 

Dr. Ayengar at Narayanpura is a renowned surgeon in greater Ahmedabad and Gujarat. Though a famous consultant and practising surgeon, he spares most of his time for the free treatment and consultation for the needy and poor. An appointment from him is like a new lease of life for a patient. There is a heavy rush during weekdays at his consulting room and hospital. His consultation, treatment and medicines are free for the poor and needy. 

One haribhakta of our sampradaya was a regular patient of his. In the course of consultation and treatment Dr. Ayengar had a detailed personal dialogue with this haribhakta, and in such a personal discussion, the doctor came to know that the patient was a satsangi of Shri Swaminarayan sampraday. 

Dr. Ayengar then asked, “There is an ancient and majestic temple of Lord Swaminarayan. Are you visiting that city based temple?” “Sir I am visiting that temple daily to begin my days routine with the darshan of God.” Doctor said, “I have been benefited by a dharshan of HH Acharya Maharajshri when my friend and I had been to the university grounds to attend a grand celebration of Rajat-Swarna Jayanti. His blissful image and finest memory of that holy event are my treasured memories. I have seen Him once only. You are most fortunate to see Him almost daily. Now next time when you salute Him, pay the salute with a humble request for release from this pain. The treatment and medicine recommended by the super specialists are not welcome in advanced countries like America and England, because these have side effects which are more harmful than the disease. Therefore pray heartily to Acharya Maharaj, your disease shall be removed instantly. 

Such a super specialist had realized the majesty and divinity of Him in his lifetime and we poor lots, though rubbing daily the steps of the temple and the court of HH Acharya Maharajshri are adjudged weak and poor in realising the glory and majesty of our Supreme Spiritual Preceptor. The occasion mentioned above and the opinion and recommendation extended by a super specialist are nothing less than a divine miracle. This is a true story as characters, doctor and patient, are residing in Ahmedabad. It is not a piece of fiction. 

Our Acharya Maharajshri HH Acharaya Maharaj 1008 Shri Tejendraprasadji Maharajshri retired at his free will, but “retirement” has no room in His personal and public life. He shall be still be busy and, to a greater extent, in the creation of the external museum of Lord Shri Hari’s prasadi items – a perceptible history of this great act. We are required now to realise the glory and majesty of the Seventh Dharmavanshi Acharaya 1008 Shri Koshalendraprasadji Maharajshri. We should obey the orders of HH Acharaya Maharajshri and HH Lalji Maharaj 108 Shri Vrajendraprasadji Maharajshri to earn the pleasure of Shri Hari. This should be the ultimate aim of our life as a satsangi. 

- Swami Jagatprakashdasji